20 ml

Ocean Propolis is a food supplement containing green Brazilian propolis extracted with patented production technology M.E.D. *. It offers propolis content containing standardized, high-quality, identified polyphenols. Its reliability has been proven by scientific research. It contains Artepillin-C, the major ingredient in green Brazilian propolis. It has content enriched with honey and liquorice extracts. Ocean Propolis was developed in cooperation with Istanbul University Technology Transfer and Application and Research Center. It provides the advantage of easy use with its spray form. It is in the form of two puffs 3 times a day for adults; one puff 3 times a day for children aged 4-10 years.

Ürün ikon greenart

Name Amount *NRV
Propolis (Green Brazilian Propolis) 35 mg
*NRV: Nutritional Reference Value. ****No Nutritient Reference Value
For adults; 2 times a day for children 4-10 years old; It is in the form of spraying 3 times a day. * M.E.D. Patented Extraction Method Green Brazilian Propolis, which is included in the composition of Ocean Propolis, is obtained by a patented extraction method. With this extraction method, polyphenolic components are obtained in standardized, pure and high concentration. Patent-MI2014A001434