30 and 60 Capsules

cean Methyl Balance, with 8 different components it contains, is the first and only product in Turkey in its area. It is a combined formula with B group vitamins in active form and elements such as zinc, betaine, serine and choline.

Ürün ikon methyl

Name Amount *NRV

Betain (Amino)1

500 mg


Choline (Algry)2

50 mg


L-Serine (Amino)3

50 mg


Vitamin B2 (R-5-P)

25 mg


Vitamin B6 (P-5-P)

10 mg


Zinc (Zinc Bisglycinate, TRAACS ™)1

10 mg


Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin, Mecobalactive®)5

1000 µg


Folate (Methylfolate, Quatrefolic®)6

400 µg


*NRV: Nutritional Reference Value. **No Nutrient Reference Value.
Usage Recommendation: Recommended daily portion quantity and form is consuming 1 capsule for adults.

Health Declaration:

Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 , folate, betaine and choline contained in the product;

Contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism * Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Nutrition and Health Declarations

1-It is a source of betaine belonging to Amino company based in Germany.

2-It is a source of choline bitartrate belonging to Algry company based in Spain.

3-It is the source of L-Serine belonging to Amino company based in Germany.

4- * TRAACS ™: Trademark of Albion Human Laboratories Inc.

5-Mecobalactive®: It is an active source of vitamin B12 belonging to Ferrer company.

6-Quatrefolic: It is a patented folic acid source owned by Gnosis company.