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Sun Protection

Orzax İlaç is with you with healthy sunscreen as well as healthy food supplements. Enriched with various oils and coenzyme Q10 for the negative effects of UV rays, Orzax sunscreens are non-marking on the skin. Offering sunscreens suitable for all skin types as well as sensitive skin, Orzax İlaç offers you a protection shield against harmful sun rays.
Orzax sunscreens offer the opportunity to use before and after the sun. You can reach after-sun lotions, which are ideal for your skin to get the nutrients it needs, on our website.
You can access Orzax sunscreens from all pharmacies as well as healthy collagen supplementvitamin mineral supplementprobiotic supplement and other products and use them safely.
You can send your questions about all Orzax products to our Consumer Hotline and find answers to your questions.