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Orzaks İlaç was founded in 2004 in order to offer the most natural to consumers in the field of health with the combination of pharmacists, physicians and investors. The first products produced with the knowledge and experience of professional years were launched in 2005. These products are followed by innovative and pioneering products. We have reached nearly 100 product types with our slogan “Gift to Health” by expanding our product portfolio and market share over the years. While determining the aim of presenting our products for the protection of human health to the end consumer with the awareness and responsibility, we always carry out our works in line with this goal. We do not include any components in our products that will harm or negatively affect human health. We use patented raw materials and combine them under halal rules. We improve our production process with technology that is renewed every day, and we present to our health by producing innovative and original products with the inspiration we receive from nature. We do not offer any product that we are not sure of its naturalness and we keep our product quality above all the criteria. We thank you for accompanying us on this path we walked from past to future. As Orzaks İlaç, we will always continue to produce pioneering products for you and to give “Gift to Health”.

Vision and Mission


By fulfilling the objectives of our organization; Turkey protects the value we create sustainable growth in the market, preferred by competitiveness, confidence, being sensitive to the environment and human an OTC company. Our success as the OTC company preferred by consumers by producing pioneering nutritional supplements in the sector with our reliable team, powered by our innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit; to make permanent and provide permanent advantages by creating differences.


True, reliable and ethical values with our expert staff; Preventive, preventive and traditionally used in treatment, to examine natural products that are as old as human history scientifically and to present them to the service of humanity by developing them with the possibilities of modern medicine. To be in the focus of solution by producing solutions that will add value to human life with the sector we are in, the commitment we make to the people working in the company, the communities in which we operate, the service culture we have towards the consumers who purchase our products.


Our Corporate Values


We are a family acting with a sense of right and justice in our business and principles.